Stunning custom mirrors in Melbourne

As the centre piece of any bathroom your mirrors make a statement. We make sure that statement 
is one of fine taste, and alluring style. 

To make your statement, choose a master in the art of combining beauty and functionality. We custom
 cut a variety of mirrors, from framed and polished to bevelled edged mirrors.

Prestige Vanity Mirror

Wrap your bathroom in the shimmering beauty 
of our Vanity Mirrors. 

This particular mirror was delivered and custom installed by our skilled consultants.


Prestige Bevelled Edge

Our simple bevelled edge mirror gives a sharp reflection for everyday bathroom usage. This solid and durable construction was purchased from Prestige and installed by 
the customer themselves!

Our bevelled edged mirrors have a distinctive holding bracket in every corner join of our mirrors. This helps to create a durable and long lasting mirror, to ensure your Prestige purchase satisfies for many years to come.

Prestige/ Capped Framed Mirrors

Our form follows function policy is
 proven in our framed mirrors.
They are elegant and simple by design 
providing the trusted Prestige quality
 and strength you have come to expect.

Framed mirrors make excellent use 
of capped corners to increase the frame 
strength. Capped corners also serve to keep
 the square or rectangular shape of our
 framed mirrors. 
framed mirrors

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